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French Red Cross aid worker released after 89 days

French aid worker Laurent Maurice, who was kidnapped in Chad last year, was released in good health last week after three months...

Chad’s president to visit Sudan after years of tension

Chad's President Idriss Deby said yesterday he would travel to Sudan next week for talks, his first visit there in six years...

Chad wants timetable for UN withdrawal: diplomats

Chad has told the United Nations peacekeeping mission to withdraw its soldiers and civilians, and wants a timetable for ending a deployment...

UN completes training for local judges in eastern Chad

Some 75 local civil servants from eastern Chad have wrapped up a one-month United Nations-backed training programme aimed at boosting the number...

Chad bars Guantanamo ex-inmate from travel: lawyers

A rights group accused Chad of refusing a passport to a former Guantanamo detainee needing foreign treatment for injuries lawyers say were...

CAR military recapture rebel-held town

Military officials in the Central African Republic say they have retaken a key northern town that was captured by rebels last week....