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Five SANDF soldiers die in single vehicle border crash

Five soldiers from Cape Town-based 9 SA Infantry (SAI) Battalion died in a single vehicle crash in Mpumalanga, close to a major border protection...

9 SAI soldiers test positive for COVID-19

The SA National Defence Force (SANDF) confirmed “around 40 soldiers” tested positive for COVID-19, at least two days after a provincial Member of the...

Western Cape preparing for soldiers’ exit from the Cape Flats

In anticipation of military involvement in the ongoing Cape Flats crime prevention operation finishing at the end of March, the provincial government has and...

9 SAI renovations continue

Renovations of 9 South African Infantry (SAI) Battalion accommodation have almost been completed and are due to be finished by the end of June. The...

Soldiers part of major Mpumalanga dagga bust

In yet another addition to the Operation Corona border protection tasking, soldiers from 9 SA Infantry Battalion assisted police and provincial nature conservation in...