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US pledges early review of air security “blacklist”

The United States will soon review a list of countries whose air travellers are subject to tighter screening and could remove nations...

Senators urge bomb suspect face US military charges

Two senior US senators urged the Obama administration to hand over to the US military the man accused of trying to blow...

New airline security still evolving

Extra airline security checks introduced after the failed Christmas Day bomb plot are still evolving, a senior US official said yesterday after...

US officials defend handling of airline bomb case

The US Justice Department defended its decision to charge a Nigerian man with trying to blow up a US passenger jet in...

Libya anti-Qaeda drive must target youth: ex-rebel

Jailed Libyan Islamist guerrillas who reject indiscriminate violence should be freed to promote their views in person to dangerous young "grassroots jihadists",...

No plan for US troops in Somalia

The United States does not plan to send US troops into Somalia or Yemen as those countries struggle to contain Islamic militants,...