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Gabon arrests Rwandan doctor over 1994 genocide

Gabon has arrested a Rwandan doctor accused of planning and participating in the 1994 genocide in which 800 000 ethnic Tutsis and...

Rwanda opposition leader accused of genocide link

A Rwandan court charged Victoire Ingabire, who heads one of the country's emerging opposition parties yet to register for August elections, with...

Rwandan ex-president’s widow arrested in France

The widow of Rwanda's former President Juvenal Habyarimana, who is suspected of having instigated the country's 1994 genocide after her husband's death,...

Rwandan army officer gets 25 years for genocide

A former Rwandan military officer accused of ordering the killing of up to 50 people was jailed for 25 years yesterday by...

Sarkozy on historic visit in Rwanda

French President Nicolas Sarkozy will visit Rwanda today to cement renewed ties with his counterpart Paul Kagame following years of acrimony and...

Kenya denies hiding Rwanda genocide suspect

Kenya said yesterday that threats to refer it to the UN Security Council for harbouring a leading Rwandan genocide suspect would not...