Uganda beefs up security amid al-Shabab terrorist threats


Security in Uganda has been tightened up due to fear of Somali’s al-Shabab militia attacks. More guards have been placed at security installations in the country.

Al Shabab militia recently threatened to strike Kampala to protest Uganda’s role in the African Peace Keeping Mission in Somalia. But president Museveni responded by warning them against attacking Uganda because they would be crashed.

Uganda police spokesperson, Judith Nabakooba said, “We can not take chances. We have heightened security at police headquarters and other sensitive places.”

She said that Checkpoints have been introduced at the Police headquarters to double check people accessing the building.

The check points, which are in addition to the old ones, are manned by vigilant police officers who check members of the public for any explosives before guiding them to the respective offices.

The Police has also closed back-door entries which have previously been open to members of the public and Police.

The building housing Uganda Police headquarters has various security installations. It was previously occupied by the British High Commission.

Uganda and Burundi are the only countries in Africa to have sent troops for peace keeping missions in Somalia. The 4500 man force mainly guards the Somali airport, Sea port and president’s residence and office.

Although other African countries had promised to send troops, none has done so.

Recently the government of Uganda registered the Somali refugees in the country and warned them against collaborating with Al Shabab militia.