Turkey condemns Cairo shooting, calls it “massacre”


Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu condemned the Cairo shooting in which at least 42 people died, describing the incident as a “massacre” and calling for the start of a normalization process.

Islamist protesters angered by president Mohamed Mursi’s overthrow said the killings occurred when they were fired on outside Republican Guard headquarters. The military blamed the bloodshed on a “terrorist group” that tried to storm the compound and said at least one soldier was killed and 40 hurt.
“I strongly condemn the massacre that took place in Egypt at morning prayer in the name of the fundamental human values which we have been advocating,” Davutoglu said on Twitter, Reuters reports.

He called for the start of a political normalization process that respects the national will of Egyptians.

Turkey’s government has Islamist roots like Mursi’s Muslim Brotherhood. Davutoglu last week denounced the Egyptian army’s removal of Mursi after days of mass unrest against his rule “a military coup” and said this was “unacceptable”.