Tribesmen kill 16 Kenyan soldiers: South Sudan army

Armed tribesman shot dead 16 Kenyan soldiers on the border between Kenya and Sudan, the spokesperson for south Sudan’s army said, a claim Kenya denied.
Members of the Toposa tribe opened fire on the Kenyan army barracks in the settlement of Nadapal last week, Kuol Deim Kuol told Reuters.
The settlement, inside Sudan on UN maps, is on a key crossing point and trade route between Sudan and Kenya. The surrounding territory has a long history of fighting between pastoralist groups and bandit attacks.
“According to the information we have the Toposa have killed 16 Kenyans including the commanding officer,” he said.
“They (the Toposa) just came around the barracks and have been sniping from a distance. We are really shocked by what is happening and we condemn the Toposa youth. These border issues with our friends should be solved amicably.”
Kuol said the Toposa had earlier accused the Kenyan army of moving into their traditional territory by setting up the barracks in Nadapal.
“There is nothing. Even if anything had happened to our soldiers, we could have heard immediately. Those are rumours,” Kenyan Department of Defence spokesperson Bogita Ongeri told Reuters.

Pic: Kenyan troops