Top Egyptian militant captured by East Libyan forces


East Libyan forces apprehended a top suspected Egyptian militant long sought by Cairo for orchestrating a deadly desert ambush on police last year and other high-profile attacks, the Libyan military said.

Hisham al-Ashmawy, a former Egyptian Special Forces officer, was arrested in Derna, west of Libya’s border with Egypt, Libyan National Army (LNA) spokesman Ahmed Mismari said.

His capture is likely to deal a blow to Islamist militants battling the LNA and carrying out attacks across the border into Egypt.

The LNA is the dominant force in Libya’s east. A separate UN-backed government rules in the west, while multiple armed groups compete for power seven years after autocrat Muammar Gaddafi was toppled.

The LNA published a picture of Ashmawy with blood on his face being examined. It posted a photo appearing to show his Egyptian military identity card.

He was arrested in Derna’s Al-Maghar neighbourhood “and was wearing an explosive vest but unable to detonate it,” the LNA said.

It said he would probably be handed to Egypt after Libyan security officials completed an investigation.


An Egyptian military source confirmed Ashmawy’s capture to Reuters, without giving further details.

Ashmawy was convicted in absentia to death in Egypt for attacks in Egypt, including a 2014 raid in which 22 Egyptian military border guards were killed near the Libyan frontier.

The LNA declared it took control of Derna in June from jihadists and other opponents, though sporadic fighting continues.

Egypt has close relations with the LNA, led by Libyan commander Khalifa Haftar and launched air strikes over Derna, saying it was targeting jihadists linked to militant activity in Egypt.

The LNA said the wife and children of a second senior alleged militant, Mohamed Rifae Soroor, named in Egyptian media as Omar Rifae Soroor, were also apprehended. Egyptian state media reported Libyan forces killed Soroor in June.

Egyptian authorities say Ashmawy heads the Ansar al-Islam network, which claimed responsibility for an ambush against police in Egypt’s Western Desert a year ago.

Egyptian officials also accuse the network, which they link to al-Qaeda, of an assassination attempt on a former interior minister in 2013.

Egyptian security and intelligence sources say the group mounted a recruiting campaign among former officers in recent years and more dangerous than militants operating in Egypt’s Sinai peninsula.

Derna has a recent history of militancy and was briefly controlled by Islamic State before the ultra-hardline group was forced out by local rivals in 2015.

Before moving to Derna, Ashmawy was active with Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis, an Egyptian militant group in North Sinai, but after it pledged allegiance to Islamic State in 2014, he joined a different group loyal to al-Qaeda.

Militants launched an insurgency in Sinai after Egypt’s Islamist President Mohamed Mursi was overthrown in 2013, following protests against his rule.