Suicide bomber hits Algerian barracks


A suicide bomber attacked a military barracks in southern Algeria, killing a soldier, the defence ministry said.

A ministry statement said the bombing took place in Bordj Baji Mokhtar region. It was not known who carried out the attack, the first suicide bombing in Algeria for several years.

The conflict in neighbouring Libya and deteriorating security across another Algerian border, in Mali, fed concerns of armed militant groups becoming more active in the Sahara and Sahel regions.

In 2013, an Islamist militant group staged an attack on the Tiguentourine gas processing facility in southern Algeria killing dozens including foreigners.

That was the deadliest spasm of militant violence in Algeria since a 1990s civil war between Islamist groups and the state in which more than 200 000 people died.

Algeria is wrestling a major political crisis after a year of mass protests that ousted the veteran president, but which continue with demonstrators demanding the ruling elite be fully replaced.