SSA will root out bad apples


Mondli Gungubele, Minister in the Presidency tasked with security, maintains fraud and corruption in the State Security Agency (SSA) is being investigated with four officials dismissed “on account of fraud, corruption and misconduct”.

More dismissals are expected, he said in a statement attributed to SSA spokesman Mava Scott.

The statement has Minister Gungubele admitting “cognisance” of serious issues raised in the High Level Review Panel on State Security and the July unrest reports. “All point to weaknesses and gaps in the manner in which the SSA conducts its business,” adding SSA is “steadfast in implementation of recommendations to ensure such misconduct does not recur”.

“We are spending sleepless nights in attempts to uncover these malpractices and are confident we will win this war and return the SSA to its former glory,” the statement quotes Gungubele as saying.

He, the SSA statement says, re-assures South Africa the SSA is “determined to restore our image and to turn the SSA around to serve the needs and interests of our citizens. We have a Constitutional mandate to safeguard the territorial integrity of this country and protect its citizens. We cannot do that if we continue with misconduct of the kind that has been described in the media and elsewhere”.