Somalia govt to close down embassies


Somali government will close thereof it’s embassies in Europe due to lack of funding the foreign ministry has said. The Somali foreign minister, Ali Ahmed Jama Jengeli said cabinet was still discussing the issue and would make a decision soon.

Ahmed was as quoted saying that the cash-strapped interim government was seeing if “friendly nations” could help finance some of them.

It was expected that the government would close down embassies in Paris, Berlin and Geneva, according to sources.
“For the embassy in London we were paying £11 000 a month for the rent alone,” said Jengeli, adding “Therefore it’s inconceivable to have these embassies open if you don’t have adequate funding.”

Somali government are battling with Al-Qaeda-inspired Al-shabaab fighters who run most of southern Somalia and government controls a few areas in the capital Mogadishu, where Uganda and Burundi sent 5 000- strong peacekeepers.

The fighting in Somalia has killed over 19 000 Somalis since 2007 and 1.5 million people displaced inside the country while another 560 000 civilians have registered as refugees in neighbouring countries. Somalia is one of the world’s worst humanitarian crisis.

Pic:Somali Embassy in Germany Berlin