Soldiers killed in Nigeria oil hub clash


At least six Nigerian soldiers were killed in a new military campaign against militants in the country’s restive Niger Delta oil hub, security officials said.

The southern swampland has been largely quiet since the start of the year because militants halted attacks against oil pipelines to give government a chance to conduct peace talks

But in a new confrontation, army and security forces on Sunday moved into the Ajakpa community in Ondo state, west of the Niger Delta, to hunt down militants involved in oil theft and kidnapping.

At least six soldiers were killed, as was the leader of a gang using the area as base to stage operations inside the Delta, military officials told a news conference in the oil town of Yenagoa. The operation has not yet finished.
“Following that successful operation, our troops carried out a raid operation to clear remnants of miscreants, militant camps, shrines and hideouts,” a military statement said.

But the Ijaw Youth Council, representing the biggest ethnic group in the region, said the army laid siege to the community and harmed civilians.
“No one is allowed to come in or go out from the community as the water ways have been blocked by the military,” it said in a statement. “Women and children are dying on the hour of starvation and diseases; women are being raped and sexually harassed.”

The military rejected the allegations as propaganda.

A similar operation in a different area fuelled an insurgency before government calmed down tensions by promising more development for the impoverished region, a key demand from residents.

Villagers, complaining of poverty, often give militants shelter in the Niger Delta’s hard-to-access creeks.

The damage from attacks on Nigeria’s oil industry has exacerbated a downturn in Africa’s largest economy, which slipped into recession in 2016 for the first time in 25 years, largely due to low oil prices.