Sisulu to ask Cabinet to declare dams as National Key Points


Human Settlements, Water and Sanitation Minister Lindiwe Sisulu says she will soon ask Cabinet to declare all major dams as national key points in a push to increase security around the country’s scarce resource.

“We have built world class dams and we need to protect them. The only way we can protect them is by classifying them as national key points because they are in fact national key points. Anything that happens to those dams affects each one of us. So if water is life, then the prevention of anything going wrong with water is an urgent matter,” she said.

Sisulu was briefing journalists at the Imbizo Centre in Parliament following a debate on the department’s budget vote speech.

Currently, 2.5% of the country’s water is directed to mining, 3% to industrial use, 2% goes towards power generation and 61% is taken up by agriculture – leaving 27% for consumption for a population of over 60 million.