Shaik, Magetuka not leaving State Security


The departure of Mo Shaik and Ambassador Jeff Maqetuka from the Department of State Security have been dismissed as rumours. In a statement, Minister Siyabonga Cwele (pictured) said the “continuous rumours regarding the likely departure of Mr Mo Shaik and Ambassador Jeff Maqetuka are just that – rumours.”

Mo Shaik is head of the South African Secret Services and Ambassador Jeff Maqetuka is the Deputy Director-General of the National Intelligence Agency (NIA), the state BuaNews agency reports.

In responding to a parliamentary question raised by Cope Member of Parliament, Smuts Ngonyama, Cwele said: “It would be appreciated if political parties abstain from making unconfirmed statements as these might have a negative impact on the morale of management and members within the State Security Agency.”

The Minister told parliament that the departure of Gibson Njenje, the former Director-General was not linked to any political interference.
“Whilst his departure leaves a vacancy in the hierarchy of the State Security Agency senior management, this will not have a negative impact on peace and security or service delivery of the agency since operational plans for the Domestic Branch [NIA] are in place and line functional management and operatives will continue to implement these.”

He reiterated that because of some contractual confidences, his department would not engage its employees through public platforms but would use internal processes as provided for by the regulations.