Saboteurs attack Agip oil pipelines in Nigeria: sources


Two Agip oil pipelines in Nigeria’s Niger Delta have been attacked with explosives by saboteurs, causing around 60,000 barrels per day (bpd) of production to be shut in, said security sources.

There was no immediate confirmation from Agip officials while state oil firm NNPC, which operates joint ventures with foreign oil companies, could not immediately be reached.

The sources said two pipelines, from the Osiama oilfield to Brass in Bayelsa state, were attacked with explosives on Thursday in what appeared to be a local dispute rather than a wider resurgence of violence by militants in the restive region.

The attacks would be the first significant hit on Africa’s biggest oil and gas industry since an amnesty was agreed last year between the government and thousands of gunmen, who laid down weapons in return for promises of stipends and retraining.

But the militants were always highly factionalised and although the main known field commanders disarmed, some armed gangs with local grievances against foreign oil firms remain active, security sources say.