SA govt sets physical security standards

The Government Sector Security Council (GSSC) has published a minimum physical security standards (MPSS) guide for government buildings, parastatal facilities and national key points.
The GSSC is a multi-sectoral committee chaired by the police and includes the National Intelligence Agency and representatives from various regulatory agencies and industry associations.
Speaking at the launch of the MPSS, police Assistant Commissioner Rhyno Naidoo said the standards addressed a lacuna.
Speaking at the same event, Assistant Commissioner Tembele Kulu (pictured) said the GSSC had received “lots of support from the National Intelligence Agency” in crafting the MPSS. The NIA has previously developed similar minimum information security standards.
A statement issued at the event added that security managers will now “be properly guided when implementing and reviewing physical security in their respective departments and institutions. All organisational resources, i.e, people, assets and physical protection of information are covered by the MPSS.”
The statement added MPSS are “absolutely necessary” and will also serve as a starting point toward regulations and legislation that will be enforceable and binding. “The use of these standards now will ensure that institutions will be pro-active in securing their buildings, information and people.”
Police officials say the MPSS guide will be a corner stone “of our security and when implemented, will represent a solid first line of defence for the installations and the ultimately the Republic of South Africa”.
These standards will be reviewed every five years to ensure that they remain consistent with our security measures and current demands.