Rebels say repel govt forces in Western Mountain area


Rebels have repelled troops loyal to Muammar Gaddafi in Libya’s remote Western Mountain region and killed at least seven of them, said an insurgent spokesman.

Adel al-Zintani told Al Jazeera television from the city of Zintan in western Libya that three rebel fighters were wounded in the fighting.
“We have the bodies of seven soldiers from Gaddafi’s brigades and three wounded who are undergoing medical treatment,” Zintani said.
“The fighters in the town of Nalut have repulsed the (Gaddafi) brigades and defeated them,” he added.

The Western Mountain region is a sparsely populated area on the border with Tunisia inhabited by ethnic Berbers, many of whom joined an uprising that began in February to end Gaddafi’s 41-year rule, Reuters reports.

Another rebel spokesman called Abdelrahman told Reuters that rebel fighters had attacked pro-Gaddafi forces on a hill west of Zintan on Wednesday and captured a truck mounted with an artillery battery as well as light weapons and ammunition.
“There were no NATO air strikes today. The last air strike in the Zintan area was on Friday,” he said. “The main problem in Zintan is from fuel shortages. There are also water shortages and electricity is not always available.”