Military called in for 2010 security


The 2010 FIFA World Cup Organising Committee said today it was bringing in the military to help secure the country during the tournament.

Eyewitness News reports that concerns have been raised that the world cup could be targeted by terrorists, following an ambush on the Togolese team in Angola last week.

The squad was preparing to play in the African Cup of Nations when three people were shot and killed, while a goalkeeper was wounded and later flown to Johannesburg for treatment.

Organising committee boss Danny Jordaan reiterated that South Africa could not be condemned for attacks that took place ahead of the African Cup of Nations in Angola.

He said South Africa had a comprehensive security plan involving the military to ensure a safe and secure world cup for spectators, players and officials.

Jordaan also reminded the large media contingent that South African had a good events safety record, with the country having hosted 147 “incidents-free” functions since 1994.

Officials from the South African military were also on hand to emphasise that the defence force will play a role in addressing issues of security during the spectacle.

Pic: Zakumi 2010 world cup mascot