Kenyan police recover arms cache off coast


Kenyan police have recovered a cache of firearms found in the sea by an octopus fisherman and suspect it could belong to a group of pirates arrested in the nearby coastal town of Malindi.

They recovered four rockets, one ceska pistol, a rocket launcher, 18 magazines, five AK-47 rifles, eight rounds of ammunition for ceska pistols and a total of 436 rounds of ammunition measuring 7.62mm.

Six men thought to be of Somali origin were arrested in a boat off Malindi, on May 10 and were charged with being in Kenya illegally. The captain of the boat was also charged with possessing a firearm illegally.
“We are investigating the origin of these weapons and although we cannot rule out any connection between the last batch of suspects or Somali aliens, we are investigating and will soon be able to give more details,” Malindi police chief Willy Simba says.

Security officers were alerted to the weapons by a fisherman who discovered them more than 2 km from the shoreline in Malindi, a popular tourist town north of the port city of Mombasa.
“I was in the deep sea as usual looking for octopus when I noticed a buoy floating. I got curious because that was a sign of something underneath. I dived into the water only to come face to face with all manner of weaponry,” fisherman Jackson Kahindi Karisa told Reuters.
“I panicked because I did not understand why somebody had left them there and whether somebody was watching me. I sailed back to shore and notified the police.”

Mombasa has suffered two attacks: a hotel bombing and a botched missile attack on an Israeli airliner leaving Kenya’s Mombasa airport in 2002.