Ivory Coast Special Forces mutiny


Special Forces in the Ivory Coast army mutinied in the coastal town of Adiake on Tuesday, firing weapons into the air, a resident and a military source said.

The incident is the first time the elite forces have mutinied following a January revolt in the second largest city Bouake that spread to other locations in the West African investment hub.
“Gunfire began earlier in the Special Forces’ camp and then the town began panicking as armed soldiers left the barracks,” said a high school teacher who added the school had been shuttered as a result.

The military source said mutineers were seeking a similar pay-off to one agreed with government in January. This involved bonus payments for soldiers promised when fighting for former President Laurent Gbagbo.

A spokesman for the army confirmed there was gunfire in the Adiake barracks but was not immediately able to confirm a mutiny had occurred.