Education,employment keys to fighting terror: Motlanthe


Education, skills and creating employment can be used to fight terrorism in Africa, Deputy President Kgalema Motlanthe says. He was addressing Jewish leaders from the US and Russia in Cape Town on Friday.

“We regard our friends in the developed north as co-partners in the global fight against terrorism and the development of the African continent,” Motlanthe said at a breakfast at the Jewish Museum in Cape Town. “This is possible and is realisable through the strengthening of our strategic objectives in capacitating people with education, skills, and in the creation of ample employment opportunities.”

Motlanthe said South Africa empathised with both sides in the Israeli-Palestinean conflict. “Even when conflict erupts in the Middle East, South Africa is able to empathise with both sides,” he said.
“When there is no exchange of bombs or gunfire, we could find a lasting resolution to that conflict.”

Motlanthe said the government supported all international efforts to find peace and security in the Middle East, including the implementation of various United Nations Security Council resolutions.
“I remain an optimist and I do see peace being implemented in our lifetime in the Middle East. All that is required is compromise and conciliation from both sides of the conflict. … We must strive for justice irrespective of our affinity to those on the wrong side of it. Only through such a principled stand would our humanity be preserved. … As the author of Don Quixote, Miguel de Cervantes says, ‘The worst reconciliation is better than the best divorce’.”

Motlanthe also stressed that SA deemed “it an honour that our country enjoys good and cordial relations with Russia and the United States and we will continue to enhance these relationships of mutual benefit so that the lives of all our people are much improved for the better.”