Drone strike on Murzuq


A drone strike by eastern Libyan forces on the southern Libyan town Murzuq killed at least 43, a local official said.

The eastern Libyan National Army force (LNA) forces loyal to Khalifa Haftar confirmed a strike on Sunday, but denied targeting civilians.

The Tripoli-based internationally recognised government opposing Haftar said dozens were killed and wounded.

Murzuq municipal council member Mohamed Omar told Reuters: “The air strike resulted in 43 killed and 51 wounded. This is an initial toll of casualties.”

The LNA at the start of the year took Murzuq as part of an offensive to control the oil-producing south. It later moved concentrating forces north trying to take Tripoli in a four-month campaign.

The LNA said in a statement its strike targeted “Chadian opposition fighters”, a phrase usually referring to Tebu tribesmen opposing them in the area.