Chadian soldiers killed by militants


Boko Haram militants killed 92 Chadian soldiers and wounded 47 in the deadliest attack ever on the country’s military, President Idriss Deby said.

The soldiers were attacked on Monday on the island village Boma in the swampy Lake Chad zone in the west of the country, where the armies of Chad, Nigeria and Niger are fighting Islamist militants.

“I have taken part in many operations but never in our history have we lost so many men at one time,” Deby said during a visit to the site.

Footage on state TV showed Deby, who ruled Chad since 1990 and survived rebellions and coup attempts, walking among charred remains of burned-out vehicles.

The Boko Haram insurgency, which started in north-east Nigeria in 2009, killed more than 30 000 people and forced two million to leave their homes.