ATLANTIS CORPORATION announces the expansion of defence and maritime security activities.


The RAYTHEON representation has now been further extended with the ability to provide Maritime Patrol Aircraft and the Electo-Optical sensor suite, data links and an array of advanced Armed Force weapon systems such as Phalanx CIWS and several missile systems for air to air/ air to ground / ground to ground infantry systems. The companies are a main sponsor at the IONS 2012 SYMPOSIUM in Cape Town during 10 to 13 April.

ATLANTIS/RADNOR AFRICA Holdings also recently established SPECIALIST MARITIME SECURITY at an office within the Cape Town Harbour precinct focused on maritime security with offices in Mozambique and Cameroon. The company was recently awarded permits locally within SADEC to operate in this domain and awarded maritime escort contracts.

ATLANTIS has expanded its Ordnance systems capacity and located its Defence portfolio Head office at Tyger Falls, Bellville. The commercial portfolio Head Office remains at Technopark Stellenbosch expanding its Oil and Gas operations into the SADEC region.

RAYTHEON/ATLANTIS supplied the PAVEWAY 2 Laser Guided Bomb kits and Mk 80 IM Bombs the Operational Test and Evaluation phase of the Gripen Fighters.
•THALES/ATLANTIS supplies the S A NAVY with Submarine Signals.
•JUNGHANS/ATLANTIS supply the SANDF and RDM with ordnance fuzes and are awarded a local production license for the 40mm SD Fuze production.