AMISOM and Somali National Army confident of overcoming Al Shabaab


Somalia Chief of Defence Forces, Major General Mohamed Aden, and AMISOM Acting Force Commander, Major General Mohammedesha Zeyinu, this week held a security meeting at the Ministry of Defence headquarters in Mogadishu.

The closed door meeting focused on the state of security in the country and how to achieve effective co-ordination in the fight against the militant group, Al Shabaab, this year.

The two military chiefs acknowledged improved co-ordination between AMISOM and the Somali National Army (SNA) will be paramount in recording success in military operations planned for this year.
“This meeting discussed ways of working together mainly in the area of planning and co-ordination between AMISOM and SNA in the new year. We also discussed the state of security and are hoping 2016 operations will go on as per our discussions” said Major General Mohamed Aden Ahmed.

AMISOM Acting Force Commander, Mohammedesha Zeyinu, described the meeting as fruitful and expressed confidence that the two forces will succeed in defeating Al Shabaab and restore peace and security in the country.
“We had a successful meeting with the Somali CDF Major General Mohamed Aden Ahmed and his deputies about co-ordination plans between AMISOM and SNA forces. We anticipate successful operations and better co-ordination this year” said Mohammedesha Zeyinu.

Present at the meeting were Brigadier General Sam Okiding Sector 1 contingent commander as well as senior AMISOM and SNA commanders.