Al Shabaab fighters killed in Kenya


Security forces in Kenya killed three suspected militants from Somalia’s Islamist group al Shabaab after they attacked a police outpost in Garissa county, police said.

The incident happened on Friday after the militants raided a camp used by a border patrol police unit, according to a statement. No security personnel were injured.

“Our officers effectively engaged them and with quick reinforcement from Special Forces, the attackers were repulsed,” police said. “The enemy suffered three fatalities during the incident.”

Al Shabaab frequently stages attacks in Kenya to put pressure on Nairobi to withdraw soldiers from Somalia.

Some of the group’s most deadly strikes in Kenya include a 2015 attack on a university in which 148 mostly students died, while a 2013 assault on the Westgate shopping mall in Nairobi killed 67.

Al Shabaab is fighting to topple Somalia’s Western-backed central government to install its own government based on strict interpretation of Islamic sharia law.

A Kenyan military contingent is part of the African Union (AU)-mandated peace keeping force AMISOM that helps defend central government.