Tanker attack in Gulf of Guinea


A pirate action group (PAG) operating in the Gulf of Guinea is thought to be behind yet another attack this time on a tanker.

According to Praesidium International the Maria E was attacked yesterday (Tuesday, 9 February) in the Nigeria/Sao Tomé JDZ (Joint Development Zone) some 120 nm from Sao Tome. No further information on the Panama-flagged vessel or her crew was available at the time of publication.

Earlier this week Praesidium indicated the PAG could be operating from a captured Chinese fishing vessel. This in the wake of the “possible kidnapping” of 18 Chinese nationals from a fishing boat and reports it is operating with the support of a tuna fishing vessel, either Cameroonian or Chinese flagged.

The PAG is believed to be south of Delta State in the Nigerian/Sao Tomé & Principe area, proceeding north. All vessels sailing south of Brass (Nigeria) could encounter the PAG and should increase vigilance Praesidium warned.

Another maritime monitoring organisation Dryad Global reports a small boat was sighted when launched from the suspected mother ship Lianpengyu 809 to sustain operations far offshore.