Six crew kidnapped off container ship in the Gulf of Guinea


Six crew members have been kidnapped from the container vessel Tonsberg in the Gulf of Guinea in the latest pirate attack in the region.

The incident occurred on 13 December, 80 km southwest of Luba in Equatorial Guinea. The Danish military said its frigate Esbern Snare sent a Seahawk helicopter to help fescue the vessel and found a skiff with six hostages sailing towards the Niger Delta. The helicopter stopped when it reached Nigerian waters, as it had no authority to operate there.

The Danish Navy said one crew member sustained a gunshot wound to the leg and two are missing after the accident. The injured crew member was given medical treatment aboard the Esbern Snare.

Denmark deployed the frigate Esbern Snare to the Gulf of Guinea in October and in November, it killed four pirates during an attack – four other pirates were captured in that operation.

The latest attack in the Gulf of Guinea follows another against the Montet Tide on 25 October in the same area, during which three people were kidnapped, Dryad Global reports. The latest attack brings the total number of kidnapping incidents in 2021 to ten and the number of kidnapped personnel to 76.