Seychelles Coast Guard Seamanship and criminal investigation training concludes


The EU’s maritime capacity building mission in the Horn of Africa and Western Indian Ocean, EUCAP Nestor, has completed the first Basic Seamanship Training course for the Seychelles Maritime Police Patrol Unit (MPPU) and Forensic Crime Scene Investigation Training for the Seychelles Coast Guard (SCG).

“Thanks to the excellent cooperation with our partners in the Seychelles, we had three trainings ongoing in parallel this week,” says Giulio Pirodi, Acting Country Team Leader for EUCAP Nestor in the Seychelles at the end of two of these training programmes last week. “The Coast Guard, Maritime Police, Air Force and all other partners, as well as our maritime and police experts are doing a great effort to make these trainings a success.”

From 23 June to 18 July, EUCAP Nestor provided Basic Seamanship Training to 9 officers of the Seychelles Maritime Police Patrol Unit.

This Basic Seamanship Training is the first of a group of training programmes tailored for the specific tasks and responsibilities of the MPPU. It was carried out by a EUCAP Nestor Maritime Police Expert in the Seychelles Police Academy facilities.

The objective of the training was to provide the MPPU with the basic maritime knowledge and essential skills they need to perform their duties at sea.

Theory was combined with practical training and focused on maritime technical issues such as coastal navigation, boat handling, communications, safety, boat maintenance and meteorology.

The Seychelles Coast Guard provided the logistical support for the practical training so that the trainees could receive the instructions on boat handling on board the Coast Guard boats. The course content was developed in close cooperation with the Seychelles authorities.

From 7 to18 July experienced EUCAP Nestor trainers carried out a crime scene investigation and evidence handling training for 18 privates from the Seychelles Coast Guard.

The training took place in the Seychelles Defence Academy in Victoria, and is part of the 27 week basic training course for the Coast Guard that is being carried out since January, also with help from EUCAP Nestor experts.

During the two weeks, the trainees obtained a basic knowledge of forensic crime scene investigation, evidence handling, taking photos of a crime scene and taking fingerprints.

The course content was developed in cooperation with the Seychelles authorities. The Seychelles Coast Guard participated in the training by providing the logistical support, such as boats for practical training and classrooms within the Seychelles Defence Academy.