Seven crew kidnapped off container ship near Gabon


The container vessel MSC Talia F has been attacked by pirates off the coast of Gabon, with seven crew abducted.

The vessel was attacked on Sunday whilst halfway between Sao Tome and Libreville, Gabon.

Apparently seven of the 17 Ukrainian crew were kidnapped.

According to Dryad Global, this is the first incident within this area in 2020. Within 2019 there were four recorded incidents at Port Libreville and the Owendo Anchorage involving a spate of incidents in December 2019.

“One of those incidents resulted in the kidnapping of four Chinese fishermen and lately the crew from a vessel transiting from Douala to Port Libreville,” Dryad said.

According to the International Maritime Bureau, on 5 March off Lome, Togo, a skiff approached a product tanker underway but after evasive manoeuvres the skiff aborted its approach. A weapon was seen in the skiff, indicating a possible pirate attack.

Also in March, six armed people boarded a product tanker underway off Benin on 5 March, and all non-essential crew mustered in the citadel. The Benin Navy responded and rescued the crew, although one was reported missing, according to the International Maritime Bureau.