Senegalese Navy intercepts drug trafficking ship


Senegal’s Navy has intercepted and seized a ship 240 km off its coastline that was found to be transporting a large quantity of hashish.

In a statement on 27 June, the Senegalese Navy said during the night of 26/27 June, it was informed of the presence of a vessel in its waters without a national flag and carrying eight tonnes of cannabis. The fishing trawler is believed to have come from Morocco.

The patrol vessel Kedougou, which was at sea at the time, the Shaldag Mk V patrol boat Lac Retba and a team of Navy Special Forces, intercepted the ship on the morning of 27 June whilst it was 240 km from the Senegalese coast.

With a crew of three Turkish sailors, the ship was found to be carrying a large quantity of hashish, and apprehended by the Senegalese Navy.

In early June, the Senegalese Navy intercepted a boat smuggling over 8 tonnes of cannabis resin through the waters off the West African nation’s coast. The vessel, which was flying a Togolese flag, was stopped 140 kilometres from the coastal capital of Dakar with seven crew members on board.

After escorting the boat to a naval base in Dakar, the authorities discovered the 8.37 tonnes of hashish split between 279 bags. The boat was also carrying sacks of plaster.

Earlier this year, authorities in Niger seized 17 tonnes of cannabis resin worth around 31 million euros ($37 million), the largest bust in the country’s history.

According to Interpol, drug kingpins are sending larger shipments in response to COVID-19 travel restrictions and border closures, which have restricted their ability to more frequently move smaller quantities of drugs via individual couriers.