Pirates target tanker and fishing vessel


A fishing vessel and a chemical tanker are the latest victims of pirate action groups (PAGs) in the Gulf of Guinea.

The attacks happened in the last two days of November with indications that four crew members of the Marshall Islands flagged chemical tanker Agisilaos were abducted. The other vessel which came under pirate attack is Cameroon flagged fishing vessel Kelly Danielle.

The Kelly was reportedly attacked by a speedboat carrying “armed men” according to Praesidium International. The attack was repelled by a contingent of Cameron’s Bataillon d’Intervention Rapide (BIR) aboard the Kelly as security.

According to maritime security solutions specialists Praesidium, fishing vessels and local craft are regularly “harassed” off Limbe.

Cameroonian BIRs have been deployed aboard fishing vessels as a protection measure over the last few years, including in the Douala anchorage following the Marmalaita and Victory C incidents in August 2019 when 17crew were kidnapped in the two attacks.

Agisilaos was attacked and boarded while en route to Lomé with four crew reportedly abducted and the attackers escaping when the ship started evasive manoeuvres, including changing course and “drastically” reducing speed. She safely negotiated the rest of her passage to Lomé.