Op Irini boards Syrian flagged vessel


The last week of October saw another vessel boarding and inspection done by the EUNavFor Operation Irini in the Mediterranean to prevent violations of an arms embargo on Libya.

The merchant vessel Capt Aveda, a Syrian flagged general cargo vessel, was put under the microscope by a boarding team from the French frigate Latouche-Treville. She was boarded in international waters, 150nm north-west of Tobruk.

The boarding team  examined documentation on board and inspected the cargo composed of cement in large bags according to a EU NavFor statement.

Nothing suspicious was found and the French boarding team returned allowing the vessel to proceed.

The procedure went smoothly and the boarding was done in a collaborative atmosphere with the ship’s master and crew. All recommended COVID-19 precautions were observed during the boarding.

Operation Irini is a part of the EU’s commitment to support the Berlin process, restoring stability in Libya and bringing peace to its population.