New flagship for Op Irini


Italian Navy warship San Giorgio completed her operational tour as flagship for Operation EUNavFor Med Irini and returned to her homeport Brindisi after more than four months of activity at sea.

She consistently contributed effectively to maritime interdiction operations in compliance with UN Security Council resolutions and represented the headquarters of the Force Commander’s staff consisting of personnel from nine EU member states. The FHQ staff will continue to support Force Commander Stefano Frumento in directing all naval and aerial assets deployed in the area of operation from ITS San Giusto, the new Irini flagship, EU NavFor said.

San Giusto is an LPD (landing platform dock) equipped with integrated command, control and communications systems, including satellite communications and computer networks to distribute information on board, making it a suitable command centre for naval operations conducted by joint and combined staffs . She carries an EH 101 helicopter and a boarding team of the Italian Navy’s San Marco Brigade, specialised in inspections on board merchant ships even in the event of a non-co-operative posture.

“I express my appreciation for your efforts in the 134 days you spent in Operation Irini. The professionalism exhibited in investigating 237 merchant vessels, conducting 20 friendly approaches and a boarding was a tangible support to the Operation’s tasks.” With these words Rear Admiral Fabio Agostini, Operation Commander, bid farewell to the San Giorgio crew. “Your consistent high standards and attitude are a credit to the Italian Navy.”