New EUNAVFOR Commander


The new man at the helm of EU Naval Force Somalia (EUNAVFOR) brings with him the experience gained during a tour as commander of a multi-national maritime security operation extending from the Red Sea to the Gulf of Oman.

Royal Navy (RN) Rear Admiral Bob Tarrant took over command of the anti-piracy task force from Rear Admiral Duncan Potts in mid-January.

Potts has commanded EUNAVFOR since August 2011. Under his leadership there was a reduction in pirate attacks, down to 35 last year from 176 the previous year. Pirate hijackings reduced to five in 2012 from 25 in 2011. No vessel has been successfully pirated in the Indian ocean since May last year.

He will be taking up a new position with the RN.

Prior to joining EUNAVFOR Tarrant commanded Combined Task Force 150 with the responsibility for maritime security in the Red Sea, Gulf of Aden, Indian Ocean and Gulf of Oman.

Tarrant is a 34 year RN veteran with appointments in both submarines and surface ships. He commanded the nuclear submarine HMS Talent from 1997 to 1999 and the ice patrol ship HMS Endurance in 2007/08. His operational experience includes the Falklands conflict on board the destroyer HMS Antrim, numerous submarine patrols, two seasons in the Antarctic and periods of defence diplomacy off West Africa.

Read Admiral Duncan Potts (left) and Rear Admiral Bob Tarrant