Gulf of Guinea pirate attack unsuccessful


Pirates unsuccessfully attempted to board a tanker in Gulf of Guinea, bringing to three the number of aborted attacks in the West African body of water in a week.

Praesidium International reports in a security update the master of the Marshall Islands flagged Wesley took evasive manoeuvres when approached by a speedboat carrying seven armed pirates. The ship’s crew mustered into the citadel and the onboard security team fired warning shots which deterred the boarding attempt.

In its analysis Praesidium points out the attack is the third unsuccessful piracy incident in proximity Nigerian waters over the last week. “Various elements indicate the pirate group is likely the same that attacked Torm Alexandra south of Cotonou in the Benin EEZ. The Wesley’s route is unclear as AIS data appears unavailable. The vessel nevertheless has been operating locally between the ports of Lomé, Lagos, Port Harcourt and Calabar. The guards are likely a detachment of Nigerian Navy.

“This incident again demonstrates vessels sailing in ‘stealth mode’ are susceptible to attacks and ‘daylight safe navigation’ does not apply to the area. Vessels were attacked in several instances with their AIS off and during daytime.”