Gulf of Guinea attacks continue


A pair of tankers, one Greek-flagged and the other Maltese-flagged, was unsuccessfully approached by pirate action groups (PAGs) in the Gulf of Guinea over the past 72 hours.

The West African body of water carries the dubious reputation of being the hardest hit by pirates in the world, according to the International Maritime Bureau (IMB).

Praesidium International reports the latest in a series of unsuccessful attacks – due to the presence of onboard security in the form of Nigerian Navy teams and the evasive manoeuvres executed by the ships’ masters.

Minerva Evropi reported being under attack on Friday by a speedboat carrying an unknown number of armed men. “Shots were reported fired with crew and vessel both reported safe,” according to a Praesidium statement.

The second attempted attack was on the product tanker New Ranger, south of Brass. Reports have it four armed men boarded the tanker but could not access the crew, who had secured themselves in the citadel. The incident has subsequently been closed with both crew and vessel safe.