Greek-operated tanker goes missing in Gulf of Guinea


The Greek manager of a Bahamas-flagged tanker carrying more than 32,000 metric tonnes of gasoline reported the vessel missing after it left Abidjan in the Ivory Coast unexpectedly in the early hours of Saturday.

The tanker Orfeas, crewed by two Greeks and 22 Filipinos, had been expected to discharge its cargo at Abidjan. However, Grace Management said in a statement that the vessel instead “sailed south without orders or explanation”.
“The managers have been trying to contact Orfeas continuously, unfortunately without result,” Grace Management said. “Her last known position indicates she may be going towards Lagos, Nigeria.”

The incident could be the latest in a spate of attacks on shipping in the Gulf of Guinea, Reuters reports.

In August pirates attacked a Greek-operated oil tanker with a crew of about 20 off the coast of Togo. They released the ship a few days later after stealing 3,000 tonnes of fuel.

Grace Management said that it has requested assistance from all relevant authorities and neighboring countries.