Failed Gulf of Guinea attacks


Two failed pirate attacks were reported in the Gulf of Guinea this week, with the would-be attackers deterred by fire from Nigerian Navy teams aboard the target vessels.

On Wednesday (2 December), the Liberian flagged tanker Levanto was approached by two speedboats while underway, south-west of Agbami. The Nigerian Navy team aboard fired warning shots prompting the speedboats to leave the area, Praesidium International reported.

The second failed attack a day later saw a similar modus operandi with two speedboats approaching Cool Girl, a Panama flagged reefer, also south-west of Agbami. Offensive action by the onboard Nigerian Navy team coupled with evasive manoeuvres by the ship’s master repelled the pirate action group (PAG).

Indications are the same PAG was involved in both repulsed attacks. All ships in the area are advised to exercise increased vigilance.