EUCAP Nestor strengthening Seychelles’ maritime security


The EUCAP Nestor capacity building programme has been operating in the Seychelles since January last year and has strengthened the country’s ability to fight piracy and secure its waters, according to the project.

The EUCAP Nestor Country Office in the Seychelles has established itself as a key provider of capacity-building for local agencies working with maritime security, EUCAP Nestor said.

A team of EUCAP Nestor experts are embedded in the Coast Guard, Air Force, Police Force, and Judiciary where they provide advice, mentoring, and training. The mission is also providing equipment to Seychelles institutions.

The Coast Guard is the main agency enforcing the Seychelles’ maritime security and combating piracy. EUCAP Nestor has two experts embedded in the new Coast Guard base who provide training and advice to their Seychelles counterparts. The mission has delivered the following:
– A seven month Basic Training Programme for 21 new recruits to the Coast Guard. The training is a comprehensive programme covering a range of Coast Guard functions, including search and rescue, communication, navigation, seamanship, engineering, and security/safety.
– Five major exercises with the Coast Guard and other agencies, such as the Air Force, Police, Judiciary, and Seychelles People’s Defence Force, as well as EUNAVFOR Atalanta and NATO Ocean Shield vessels. The exercises have focused on counter-piracy operations, evidence-handling, oil-spill, fire-fighting, and search and rescue.
– Donation of 10 semi-rugged laptops, 6 GPS, 2 electronic navigation devices (ECDIS), and 3 AIS positioning units.
– Donation of and training on a deployable Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat to be used for boarding operations.
– Trainings on crime scene investigation and forensics, evidence collection and handling. Publication of a training manual on evidence collection at sea.
– A tailored train-the-trainer course for 18 Coast Guard officers. This is to ensure the sustainability of the training programmes EUCAP Nestor develops for the Coast Guard.

A comprehensive maintenance programme, and training in maintenance, for the Coast Guard is being developed.

Working hand in hand with the Coast Guard, the Seychelles Air Force plays a crucial role in surveillance of Seychelles’ waters and in particular its vast Exclusive Economic Zone. A EUCAP Nestor Maritime Aerial Surveillance Expert is embedded in the Air Force where he provides daily mentoring and training, including inflight training, on the use of radars and other sensors, operational tactics and communication.

A Basic Training Programme and Mission Training Programme are being developed for the Air Force and flight planning and image analysis software has been donated along with training. EUCAP Nestor is training six Seychelles Air Force sensor operators on radar use and image analysis and drafting operational manuals and standard operating procedures for the Air Force.

The Seychelles has been at the forefront of taking on pirate cases. A EUCAP Nestor Court Administration Expert is embedded in the Supreme Court where she supports the Chief Justice’s reform efforts on improving the administration and management of the Court as well as management of cases. This is leading to the more efficient running of the Courts, a decrease in the backlog of cases, and an improvement in the handling of cases.

In the Supreme Court, the mission has supported:
– Enhancement of the case management software used in Court.
– Introduction of new management practices and routines.
– New process charts, internal regulations, and administrative procedures and regulations for Court.

The mission has donated 20 computer tablets for the Judges. The tablets have pre-installed eGrey Book software that allows easy access to 80 pieces of key legislation.

EUCAP Nestor has supported advocacy training for 12 prosecutors in the Seychelles delivered by UK Prosecutors. The mission has also donated a heavy duty printer and copier and 15 laptops to the Attorney General’s Office.

EUCAP Nestor is supporting the Seychelles in setting up a Marine Police Investigation Unit with a tailor-made Basic Training Programme, institutional advice, and other essential support. The MPIU will be a small unit dedicated to basic law enforcement along the shore-lines of the inner islands. It will fill a gap in law enforcement.