EUCAP Nestor launches second Seychelles Coast Guard training course


The capacity building mission EUCAP Nestor has started training 21 new Seychelles Coast Guard personnel.

The first batch of personnel graduated on August 22 and this second batch was received by Lt Col Simon Dine, Commanding officer of the Seychelles Coast Guard (SCG), on October 16, EUCAP Nestor said.

The training course is scheduled to run for eight weeks, thus compressed in time compared to the first course held earlier this year. The 21 new privates will undergo rigorous training classes, including modules such as Maritime Domain Awareness, Seychelles maritime regulations and legislation, seamanship and navigation, maritime safety and security as well as marine engineering and evidence handling at sea. As for the first course, the training team will be composed of Seychelles Coast Guard instructors, EUCAP Nestor facilitators, local and international external experts.
“This training will benefit from the experience acquired during the first course. It will be shorter and more practical than theoretical. It has been tailored to train a certain number of personnel that will be deployed rapidly on board the growing fleet of the SCG. I am confident it will be as successful as the previous one” said Commander Giulio Piroddi, EUCAP Nestor Maritime Expert, from the Italian Coast Guard.
“The second run of this basic training course reflects the success of the concept that has already become a regular feature of SCG annual training programme. Thanks to the excellent cooperation with the SCG and the flexibility of the training framework, the course has been adjusted to align training with operational requirements in the best possible way and according to the needs” said Head of EUCAP Nestor Country Office, Bo Holtse.