Chief Navy visits Zimbabwe for Exercise Nyaminyami


The South African Navy recently attended Exercise Nyaminyami, involving Zimbabwe, Zambia and Botswana on the Kariba dam.

The South African Naval delegation was led by Chief of the SA Navy, Vice Admiral M Hlongwane. South Africa attended the June 23-28 exercise as observers.

The exercise was initiated by the Standing Maritime Conference in 2012.
“Maritime threats do not only threaten coastal countries but also affect inland states such as Zambia, Zimbabwe and Botswana. The exercise you were conducting was intended at developing a common regional maritime concept to enhance interoperability and the security of our inland water bodies. It was also designed to foster mutual co-operation within our sub region as it ignites the spirit that existed during the liberation struggle”, said the Defence Minister of Zimbabwe, Sydney Sekeramayi, in closing the SADC training.

The theme of the SADC riverine exercise was anti-smuggling, anti-poaching and anti-human trafficking. A total of 316 troops participated in the exercise. The exercise was an integrated, joint multinational exercise as it involved air assets, elements of land forces, special forces, air landed forces, water borne forces and under water resources in the form of divers.