Another Gulf of Guinea pirate attack


The Gulf of Guinea is maintaining its reputation as the world hotspot for ship attacks with a Marshall Islands flagged tanker the third to report a pirate attack in 72 hours in the Benin exclusive economic zone (EEZ).

Praesidium International reports La Boheme was approached by two speedboats. A distress flare was fired at the suspected pirate boats and the tanker commenced evasive manoeuvres. The attack was aborted and the vessel and its crew are safe.

“This is the third attack in the Benin EEZ in the past 72 hours. The first was against Torm Alexandra and the most recent 14 hours prior, south-east of the reported attack position, against the Sea Shepherd Fishery Patrol Vessel Bob Barker, which reported a single speed boat compared to the two reported in the attack against the tanker,” a Praesidium analysis said.

“The last successful kidnapping of crew in the Benin EEZ was early in July and involved the Singapore flagged general cargo vessel Kota Budi. The area South of Cotonou witnessed an increase in piracy related events over 2020 with incidents recorded as far as 220 nautical miles from shore, outside the EEZ. The La Boheme incident is the most recent unsuccessful attack over the past 30 days and it is believed the perpetrators will remain in the general area for up to 48 hours to scout potential new targets.”