Zuma defends two wanted Rwandan officers


South African president Jacob Zuma has defended his country over hosting two wanted army officers from Rwanda, and called on the United Nations to lift sanctions against Zimbabwe.

Two urgently wanted Rwandan army officers, Lt General Kayumba Nyamwasa and colonel Karegeya, who are against Rwanda’s president Paul Kagame have taken refugee in South Africa.

Zuma who was addressing a press conference last week just before ending his three day state visit to Uganda said, “You know there are international laws that govern those who seek refugee in other countries. One of the two officers has already been granted a refugee status. Another one has applied but not yet been granted the status.”

The Rwandan government, according to Jacob Zuma, has not yet sent an official complaint to the government of South Africa about the two wanted persons. He however said that if Rwanda complains, the South African government will discuss the issue.

Throughout his visit, Zuma in his speeches urged African countries to unite and collectively fight against poverty.

Pic: President Paul Kagame of Rwanda

Source: www.afrik.com