US pastor arrested for disturbing the peace


Rwandan police arrested an American pastor preparing to hold a news conference in the capital and whose in-country radio station was shut down by authorities last year.

Gregg Schoof was arrested for “disturbing public order,” police spokesman John Bosco Kabera told Reuters.

Rwandan authorities last year closed Schoof’s radio station, Amazing Grace, after it aired a sermon womens rights activists said “spread hate against women.” The sermon described women as “evil.”

On Sunday, Schoof emailed Rwandan journalists inviting them to a news conference he said he wanted to host before leaving the country.

“Pastor Gregg Schoof will have a final press conference to update all about the radio being closed, court cases, and other things,” the email read.

Police arrested him where the news conference was to be held.

The police spokesman said Schoof was handed to the Rwanda Investigation Bureau (RIB) “for further management.”

The RIB spokesman did not answer requests for comment.

Before his arrest, Schoof handed journalists a press release saying his church would move to Uganda because Rwandan immigration denied his visa renewal application.