US donates PPE to Ghana’s armed forces


The United States, through the US military’s Africa Command and the Department of State, has donated personal protective equipment (PPE) and medical supplies to the Ghana Armed Forces.

The equipment was handed over to the Ghana Armed Forces’ COVID-19 treatment facility at El Wak Stadium, near Accra, on 14 July, Africa Command (Africom) said.

“One of the primary reasons that we value our relationship with Ghana so much is because of the steadfast leadership role that the Government of Ghana and the Ghana Armed Forces (GAF) consistently plays in promoting regional peace and security,” said Major Michael Kummerer, chief, Office of Security Cooperation at the US Embassy in Ghana.

The PPE donation is a follow-up to the donation of two Level II Field Hospitals to the Ghana Armed Forces by Ambassador Stephanie Sullivan on 4 February on behalf of the United States.

“The donation of two state-of-the-art Level II Field Hospitals earlier this year represented a significant US investment in supporting Ghana in this role,” Kummerer said. “The donation of critical medical supplies to the GAF last week was more representative of a friend lending a helping hand in a time of need. We recognize the absolutely critical role that the GAF is playing in Ghana’s COVID-19 response and we’re happy to support them in this noble cause.”

One of the two field hospitals is currently being used for COVID-19 response at El Wak Stadium. The donation of medical supplies and PPE is in furtherance of the partnership between the United States and the Ghana in the fight against COVID-19, Africom said.