UN praises war veterans for their efforts to promote peace

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon applauded members of the World Veterans Federation for their vital work in promoting disarmament, human rights and the peaceful settlement of international disputes.
“Yours is a unique grouping,” Ban told the Federation’s 26th annual gathering in Copenhagen, Denmark. “You bring together former belligerents, the enemies of yesterday, to reconcile and to become friends today, and to work for a peaceful tomorrow.”
Ban noted that few “speak with more authority on this than those, like you, who know the face of war,” underscoring the need for societies to strengthen efforts ensuring the integration of former soldiers into society and to remember those who have been lost.
He said that the best way to commemorate the dead, and all those who have been lost in war, is to commit to the cause of peace and to saving future generations from the scourge of conflict.

Pic: UN logo