UN official released by Tunisian court


A Tunisian appeal court temporarily released a United Nations official after two months in detention as part of an investigation by an anti-terrorism unit, an official spokesman said.

Last week the United Nations called on Tunisia to immediately release Moncef Kartas, detained at Tunis airport late in March.

A Tunisian national Kartas is a member of a panel of experts monitoring sanctions, including an arms embargo, on Libya and reports to the UN Security Council.

“The appeal court temporarily released Moncef Kartas and the case is ongoing,” said Sofian Sliti, spokesman for a Tunisian anti-terrorism judiciary unit.

Kartas was jailed on suspicion of obtaining information and security information related to the fight against terrorism and its illegal disclosure, officials said.

Sliti said on March 30 Kartas travelled in a private capacity on his Tunisian passport, meaning he was not entitled to diplomatic immunity and could be arrested.