UN continues providing aid to Somalia

The UN is continuing its efforts to ameliorate the dire humanitarian situation in Somalia, rushing food and other vital items to the war-wracked Horn of Africa nation.
To prevent the spread of malaria in south-central Somalia, UNICEF is distributing enough mosquito nets to benefit nearly 30 000 households.
The agency also delivered ‘Plumpy Doz` – a peanut paste containing skim milk, sugar, vitamins and minerals – to some 5000 children between 6-36 months of age in the Wanla Weyne district to prevent malnutrition, UN News Centre reports.
For its part, the World Food Programme (WFP) and its local partners have wrapped up a supplementary feeding operation in Gaalkacyo, Galdobog and Jariiban districts for nearly 17 000 under-five children.
In northern Somalia, the UN High Commissioner for Refugees and other agencies have launched an awareness campaigns for hundreds of people in the port city of Bossaso seeking to make the perilous boat journey across the Gulf of Aden to begin new lives in Yemen. Brochures detailing the dangers of the trip were distributed this week.
WFP also delivered 280 metric tonnes of food for more than 19 000 people in northern areas.
Escalating violence and a deteriorating humanitarian situation have driven thousands of Somalis from their homes, with many seeking refuge in neighbouring nations.
Earlier this week, a WFP compound in Wajiid, in southern Somalia, was attacked by armed gunmen, marking the fourth time that that the world body`s offices in the Horn of Africa nation have been deliberately targeted.
The UN has repeatedly called on all parties in Somalia to ensure the safety of humanitarian aid workers, who are tending to the needs of some 3.2 million people, or 40 % of the population, made vulnerable by the combined effects of conflict, drought, high food prices and the collapse of the local currency.

Pic: Somalians