Sudan detains media men


Sudanese authorities detained a Reuters stringer and an AFP reporter covering protests in Khartoum, the external information council, which deals with foreign media organisations, said.

Reuters last had contact with its stringer on Wednesday before he went to report on the demonstrations, which resulted in clashes between police and protesters.

An official in the external information council, contacted by Reuters, did not say whether charges would be brought against the two Sudanese journalists. The official had earlier said they would be released on Thursday.
“We do not know the circumstances of the detention and are actively seeking additional information about the situation,” a Reuters spokesperson said.

AFP confirmed the detention of one of its journalists. In an article, the news agency said management strongly condemned the arrest and asked for his immediate release.

Protests and clashes with security forces broke out across Sudan early this month after Khartoum imposed tough economic measures in line with recommendations by the International Monetary Fund (IMF).